Enhanced Liquidity provision

We have sink money into technology and build firm connections with some of the market’s largest and most reliable liquidity providers. We are persistently updating and upgrade our technology in order to provide the best.

Access to aggregated liquidity from multiple sources

Global Capital Market liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions, exchanges and other non-bank liquidity provider, prime brokers, prime of brokers POP, ECN and market makers.

Better fills and faster execution

Global Capital Market gets a direct feed of executable buy and sell prices from each liquidity provider. Global Capital Market price engine choses best buy and sell prices resulting in best obtainable spreads. Global Capital Market spreads are explicit and among the lowest in the industry. All client’s trades are executed using Global Capital Market as the counter party. In the contest of any transaction with a client, a liquidity never acts as the manufacturer of counter party.

Ultimate trading conditions

Connections to the largest financial institution in the world enable our client to tap into a top-notch liquidity pool while working with high leverage and flexible trading option.

Retail clients, Money Managers, Proprietary trading firms, Quant hedge fund and high frequency proven and ready end clients detail remain undisclosed to our liquidity provider.

Ultra-low latency Fix API interface connection in both FX and CFD market.

CFDs covering cryptos, spot FX metals, Energies, Stocks, Indices and more.